When Fukushima rings the bell nuclear dangerous

Engineer Amjad Qasem

In the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami that struck the Japanese territory, there has been a radioactive leak from nuclear reactor, Fukushima, Japan, This radioactive has expanded the contamination to include vast areas of Japanese territory and the surrounding areas.

This nuclear contamination danger not limited to a specific area, but it attacks large parts of the globe, during the last month of March, announced in Britain that the particles of iodine – 131, which is a by-product of fission of uranium and plutonium, have already reached the coast of the British, and was the concentration of this radiation is low so does not exceed 0.01 percent of the daily dose that can be exposed to humans in their daily lives.

According to what was said by those officials in Japan, the real dangerous caused by the radiation emanating from the reactor Fukushima is in the areas surrounding the reactor and only the Department of diameter 30 km only, and they did not record so far of deaths due to radiation, but was imposed strict restrictions on the sale and consumption of food near Fukushima reactor.

The gamma-ray work to change Structural organization of the genetic material DNA, and affect the radiation on water molecules and leads to the formation of free radicals capable of cracking and distortion of the genetic material, leading to considerable disruption of the work of living cells and death, and the incidence of genetic mutations that lead to emergence of the generations of humans and living beings suffer from birth defects.

The reactor disaster Fukushima shed the light on the many environmental risks that could arise from the peaceful use of nuclear energy for electricity production, despite all the precautions that have been taken, but that the risk of radiation leakage is still present and can occur at any time.

Accordingly, did we still need more nuclear disaster like Chernobyl reactor Fukushima and others in order to instill our beliefs that the road of progress and development and welfare can not be achieved through nuclear reactors?

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