Under the Patronage of Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan In Its Third Edition, Date Palm through the Eyes of the World Continues receiving International Participations

Statistics of the date palm International Photography Competition, which is the first of its kind, indicate a relative rise in the number of photo participants from all over the world in comparison with the number of last year. This was pointed out by Dr. Abdelouahhab zaid the Secretary General of Khalifa International Date Palm Award, the entity which organized the first international competition in cooperation with Abu Dhabi International Date Palm Society. He added that the competition came in response to the instructions of H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan , Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research , Chairperson of the Award Board of Trustees so as to euthanize one of the most important components of the national identity of the Emirates and the region , namely , the date palm tree .The tree as such represents to the Emirates national heritage and an appreciation of the history and heritage of the sons and fathers as a kind of promise on their part to go on loving the blessed tree.
He pointed out that the Date Palm through the Eyes of the World competition is the first international competition to photograph the date palm trees with all of its elements in which matures and professionals participate of all ages and nationalities. The Award General Secretariat honors the first three winners where the first winner is awarded 5000 $, the second 4000 $, and the third 3000 $. Moreover, the national participation of this competition constitutes a milestone as far as the number of male and female participants is concerned. Their works are always distinguished for their high quality, artistic sense and use of state – of – the art technologies. It is worth mentioning herein that one of the distinguished works in the second session of the Date Palm through the Eyes of the World competition 2011 by the Photographer Khalid Zamer came first within the UAE team in the International FIAP Biennial in its 33rd session of youth digital photography organized lately by the Society.
It is to be mentioned that participation in the Date Palm Through the Eyes of the World competition in its 3rd session is still open till the end of December 2011. The number of participants is expected to be doubled during the last month of the current year as it is the habit of photographers’ participation in such kinds of reputed and valuable awards and prizes .However, winner names shall be announced during a special artistic exhibition to be held for the distinguished and winner works in February 2012.

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